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I’ve suffered with chronic knee pain for the last 10 years. It started out with just soreness and eventually led me to walking with a cane every day. I had tried injections before, nerve blocks and even orthovisc injections and each time, they would work for a few months and the pain would come back. I had heard about Stem Cell injections from a good friend who had tried it and had success with it. I was a little concerned because other treatments had not really given me long term success. Not wanting to do surgery, I decided to try my right knee and do the treatment on one side to see how well it worked. Well, 6 months later, I did the other knee. I’ve been pain free for months now and no longer have to walk with a cane. It has definitely given me my life back. I’ve had such an improvement that my wife had her shoulder treated with stem cells and she feels younger because she’s not longer in pain. This therapy can change your life.

Rob M- Clearwater, FL

Originally, my shoulder and neck pain issues started after I had a severe car accident. A torn bicep and torn rotator cuff injury created constant pain in my right shoulder and arm. Initially, I thought I had escaped major problems but after a few months, I started to experience significant weakness and pain in my right arm. My doctor at the time prescribed me powerful pain medication that nearly made me addicted to them and really left me feeling groggy. After seeing multiple doctors and physical therapists, I was left feeling like I had to accept that pain was to be apart of my life. I had stumbled upon information about Stem Cell therapy and found a local provider with the Stem Cell Institute. He sat down with me and for the first time I felt like someone understood what was causing my arm pain and had a real solution. So I started with an injection on my shoulder blade, which I almost felt an immediate relief. After a month and a half, I started to get the strength back in my arm. My pain decreased by about 80% and I only had an occasional soreness and stiffness. Now, 7 months later, I feel like a new person. My shoulder and neck pain are completely gone. I have full strength in my arm and hands and I even started to work out and again with a trainer.

Susan L – Atlanta, GA

I had a GREAT STEM CELL EXPERIENCE AND AM NOTICING A DIFFERENCE ALREADY. My injections went great! Dr. Chowdhury is the best doctor I’ve been to for my hip and back. I was so worried because all the injections I’ve had before were extremely painful, and I was scared to go through that again. But his injections were painless. I didn’t even feel them. I am out of low back pain for the first time in many years. I actually can’t believe it.

I am so happy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I received the Amniotic Stem cell procedure for my left knee and my lower back one and a half weeks ago. I had been suffering with left knee pain for 8 or 9 years and low back pain for the same amount of time. I had previously had my right knee and both hips replaced and was very unhappy with the results. My replaced knee hurt as much or worse than my left knee. I decided to have the procedure done to my knee and my low back because I was absolutely not having surgery ever again! I was so happy to have found this option because I wanted a better quality of life with less pain!

Since my amniotic stem cell injection 1 V2 weeks ago, my knee feels 80 — 90% better with very little pain. My low back is much better and different movements I make are up to 50% better with little pain. The injection did not hurt and I have already recommended this procedure to 20 — 30 people

Robert W.

I had been suffering with low back pain for the last 10 years. I had my lower back and SI joints injected with Amniotic Tissue injection 8 weeks ago. I would get roughly 6 sciatic pain episodes per year and these episodes affected me for two weeks at a time and would put me in bed for the first 3 days of the episode. My husband and I like to travel and I would have difficulty with the sciatica during our vacations following an airplane ride or long car ride. I was always taking pain medication to deal with the pain.

I can tell you that since I had my procedure with the stem cells, I have been on 2 airplane trips and 2 long car drive trips and I actually can’t believe it……no pain – no episodes! This is amazing!

I decided to have the stem cell therapy because I am only 50 years old and I did not want to end up with the sciatic pain on a daily basis. I kept hearing the recommendation to have this procedure done earlier rather than later and I thought to myself that I don’t want it to get out of control, but over the years it has just gotten worse – more episodes, and the episodes lasted longer as time went on. I am still shocked at the benefits I have gotten from these amniotic stem cells – I would absolutely recommend this to others, especially those like me that the arthritis is just starting to get bad!

Thank you Stem Cell Institute – I think you saved my life – I am living without pain!

Debra L.

Before I tried stem cell therapy, I was having trouble just walking even 5 minutes. Walking up stairs had gotten so painful that I moved my bedroom downstairs to avoid having to go up and down them. Every day, I just felt constant debilitating pain in both knees and eventually got to the point where I couldn’t do my favorite activities anymore. Walking was next to impossible and spending time with my family was always difficult because I just couldn’t put pressure on my legs. My Orthopedic surgeon told me that they would have to do a full knee replacement and take almost a year to rehabilitate me. I decided to try one more thing before going under the knife for a last time and that’s when I found the Stem Cell Institute. It’s been almost 5 months since I had my first treatment and I can honestly say that I’m pain free for the first time in years. Losing my favorite activities and then having the chance to now do these again has felt like getting a second chance. Not only feeling better but seeing the changes on my x-rays has been incredible. I would definitely do it again if I had too. I recommend stem cells therapy to anyone with chronic knee pain.

Jane C.-Crystal Lake, IL

I’ve had right knee pain since my cartilage blew up 15 years ago. I couldn’t walk and needed a wheelchair to get around. Since surgery then I’ve been a 5/10 on the pain scale constantly. I didn’t think anything could be done until I attended Dr. Gatza’s Stem Cell Workshop.

Lss Thursday I had my Stem Cell injection done by Dr. Chowdhury and have been 100% out of pain ever since. I can’t believe it. The Shot was painless and I walked our 5 minutes later.

The Litmus Test was walking down the stairs with ZERO PAIN and putting weight on it first thing in the a.m. with ZERO PAIN! I’m so happy. Thank you!

Don, 75

I had been suffering with low back pain for the last 25 years. I had my Amniotic Tissue injection a week and half ago and my pain levels went from 10/10 to a 1/10 pain level. I was so surprised at how quickly the pain was reduced. I had my injection to the low back on the Thursday before Easter and was able to prepare and cook my Easter dinner for two days without any pain. I have been cooking holiday dinners for over 25 years and have had to sit down while preparing dinner because of the pain. I had no pain during the two days of holiday prepping and cooking. The injection did not hurt – it was only an ache the first two days and it was completely gone the third day – just in time to prepare Easter dinner. I decided to do this procedure because I was tired of living in pain and surgery was not an option that I would consider. I would absolutely recommend this procedure to others and hope that my testimonial allows others to make the decision to have the amniotic tissue injections. I am still shocked at how good it feels.

Linda H.

I had been suffering with low back and hip pain for the past 20 years and bilateral thumb pain for the past 15 years. I had gotten information regarding the breakthrough medical treatment regarding Amniotic Tissue Matrix stem cell treatment and called Scott Medical Health Center to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out more about this treatment.

I was desperate! I was tired of living with the pain. I couldn’t walk distances, I couldn’t stand for periods of time. I coach the high school softball team and just wanted my normal life back.

I had my low back and hip injected 3 weeks ago and I saw pretty quick improvement in my pain levels. I cut back on my pain medication, which is great. I was tired of taking so many pain pills just to get through a day, a softball practice, or game. The Amniotic Tissue Matrix injection did not hurt, it was just uncomfortable.

I have family members that I would like to recommend this procedure for and would like to help others experience similar results.

Warren C.

When I came to Superior Healthcare my pain level was a 7 out of 10. I got the injection in my ___________ about 3 months ago and noticed an immediate reduction in pain within just the first day or two. And now my pain is now only a 1 or 2. Both my flexibility and overall mobility are greatly improved! All of the staff at Superior really do an outstanding job, and I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone suffering in pain like I was.

Harold Crawford

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